Sunday, January 10, 2016


Worked up the second coaster with the changes I mentioned and it looks very nice. I am going to do a set of them for us since I don't yet have the yarn for the set which will go to my sister-in-law. We are hunkering down for some snow/rainy weather and colder temps.


Got my seed orders in yesterday. They were light this year since I have so many seeds left from the last two years. A good many of the plants on the list of what I want to put in, especially the herbs, are available locally so that is how I will get them--as transplants. I did up another coaster for us and will continue today adding to the set. Maybe I will put in another few stitches in either my shawl or the cross-stitch table scarf. It is cold and blustery outside but the snow we expected didn't come--or if it did it melted and didn't stay on the ground.

I have been following this story for a while now. I think it is an excellent example of what happens when neither capitalism nor regulation work. On the one side, the economic incentives all favored ignoring the possible leak rather and spending the money received elsewhere while, on the other, the regulators were clearly ineffective. Loosening the regulations won't cure the problem as long as the economics favor recklessness.

Our morning TV news had a brief mention of this but most of what is in the article wasn't mentioned. Nothing about the involvement of the Governor or his special administrator in Flint. Now that the Department of Justice has gotten involved it is worth that brief and terribly incomplete and uninformative mention. I sincerely doubt that any justice will be served in the end.

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