Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Nothing much yesterday. After getting our shopping done we simply chilled out and did nothing more. We didn't have much shopping to do but it was tiring. We recognized some time ago that anything we do has to be done by mid afternoon or it won't get done at all. Nothing much planned for today: review the order list for seeds, find a (hopefully) good beer bread recipe, put a few stitches in my new shawl, read what is on my various internet lists.

Another reason to opt out of the "internet of things." I can just see the result of the linked linkage. You are driving along a country road and slam on the breaks to avoid hitting a deer, or some other animal or something, and you are warned to change your breaking pattern and your rates are raised. I often read about our "surveillance state" but not many write about our "surveillance society."

So the House Repthuglicans are trying to put through a "get out of litigation free" card for VW in its on-going defeat-device emissions scandal. The action would preclude consumer "non-injury" lawsuits. I would say customers who bought a VW (as opposed to another, perhaps cheaper, car) based on the company's fraudulent emissions numbers and projected resale value (which has tanked) were injured. They just don't die from that company malfeasance, or suffer broken bones and other serious injury. But they were injured. I hope the legislation is squelched in the Senate. I guess the representatives are showing who they really represent.

I hate one-size-fits-all statements like the title of this article. As the comments noted going without a bra isn't for everyone. And going braless in all circumstances isn't for all women. I understand the argument the scientists are making but socialization can be at odds with a lot of common sense. What are you comfortable with?

I have seen this but, as noted in the article, not often and not in any of the major media. I won't be surprised if the company faces minimal repercussions over the incident. After all, BP fought meaningful reparations to those harmed by its blowout and fines leveled by the Federal government and then fought for years to have those reduced in the courts. Exxon was fighting the same battle decades after the Exxon Valdez spill.

Ronni Bennett has a good end-of-one-year-beginning-of-the-next column today. I have noticed for some time now how much of popular culture has passed me by. I once was a whiz at quiz shows like Jeopardy, which I still watch with considerable enjoyment. I also once enjoyed crossword puzzles. But so much of each depends on extensive knowledge of popular culture and the personalities involved in it. I don't enjoy crosswords do crosswords anymore because it is simply an annoyance and I simply accept that some categories on Jeopardy are simply not in my memory banks.

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