Wednesday, January 20, 2016


We woke to a dusting of snow. Just enough to make driving treacherous. At least the temperatures are in the teens rather than the single digits. I have bread baking on my to do list today as well as adding more rows to my crocheting projects and reading over the instructions on the pressure canner we just bought. Like so much else, we debated the pros and cons of canning our own for a long time. Those discussions are usually the result of increasing dissatisfaction with commercial products we once trusted and no longer do for a myriad of reasons: too much salt, too much sugar, too many preservatives, declining quality and the reduction of package sizes to mask price increases.

Found this video by way of Musings of an Archdruidess. Fascinating symbiotic relationship between fishermen and dolphins.

I saw a headline proclaiming "Palin endorsement brings gravitas to Trump campaign." Really?? Gravitas?? How can Palin bring something she doesn't have? I think the New York newspaper that showed a picture of the two of them pointing to each other with the headline "I'm with stupid" about sums up the situation. Reading the article I hope the headline was tongue-in-cheek because the whole tenor of the piece undercuts any notion of "gravitas."

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