Sunday, June 11, 2017

Friday--June 9

Another week gone leaving us wondering where the time has gone and what we have accomplished in that time that seems so very short. The hot stretch of days is still predicted with some disagreement between sources as to how long and how hot.

Saturday--June 10

I found this and absolutely love it. It is precisely the reception the Tweeter-in-Chief deserves. One might argue that such actions are disrespectful of the office of the President. There is always a fine line between respecting the office and respecting the piece of crap pretending to fill it. And how do you show your disdain for the human detritus occupying the position without undermining the dignity and respect the office deserves?

Sunday--June 11

We got very close to 90F yesterday. We should exceed it today. So far we haven't had to turn on the air conditioning. I have a couple of new items to put into the gardens--a couple of creeping Jenny and a couple of purslane. Then the large containers will be full. I still have four spots for small plants in my second tiered pot.

I harvested a tray of stevia, 2 each of thyme and lavender. Those are drying now. I will finish them off tomorrow. Everything is well watered. We actually haven't had rain for about ten days and don't expect any until around Wednesday. The half-to-one inch total they are predicting won't do much for anything. It might be one day I won't have to water.

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