Thursday, June 29, 2017

I am waiting to find out how good a morning it is. It is still dark but I think I saw clouds. I couldn't tell if it had rained overnight but we did have strong winds starting last evening. I got sage, catnip, lime basil and lemon balm dried and put up. I thought the chives are about due. Maybe today.

Well, there is more light outside and there are more clouds than blue sky. No rain yet and no sign of rain so watering plants is definitely on the agenda. We'll see about harvesting any herbs.

I saw this and my jaw dropped (then the expletives flew). After my astonishment faded, my first thought was: why would colleges want students who are, as they are called in the article, "book virgins." I remember semesters when I carried 15-18 credits and weeks when I read 15 or more, often hefty, books. Even now, though I get a lot of information on the internet, I read between 3 and 6 or so books a week. Do those "book virgins" write research papers and essays? If they do, on what do they base their writing?

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