Friday, June 16, 2017

Thursday--June 15

We had rain through the night but it has cleared off for what may be a sunny morning. I won't have to water another day and everything looks good from the door. Closer inspection will come later.

The Flint, Michigan, story keeps getting worse. We'll never know how much damage has been done to the people of Flint because any retesting can't verify the lead blood levels of two or three years ago. Five officials have been indicted for involuntary manslaughter because of the deaths due to Legionaries Disease directly attributable to the water contamination.

I skimmed this Tom Englehardt piece yesterday at The people at Foreign Policy in Focus reprinted it today and I decided to read it more closely. If anyone really thinks #45 is going to bring back whatever "golden age" you might long for given his proposed budget (which changes from moment to moment, whim to whim) and his appointments, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. I don't own it but what does that matter in this "Twilight Zone" world.

Another interesting Foreign Policy In Focus article: "The Residue of Empire."

Friday--June 16

The weather predictions for today say scattered thunderstorms. I hope for a clear patch so I can harvest catnip and lemon balm for drying.

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