Friday, June 2, 2017

Tuesday--May 30

Nothing going on today.

Wednesday--May 31

Grocery shopping and the Coffee Creek farm market today.

Thursday--June 1

Welcome to June and the first day of meteorological Summer.

The little farm market is nice. We found nice pots of catnip and lemon verbena which I will plant out later. The early veggies are coming in and we found a nice head of lettuce for a chef salad tomorrow. We were a bit early. Not everyone was set up and some venders may wait till later in the season.

Friday--June 2

This story from the U.K. blew me away. I didn't know agave could grow that tall.

But then I consider myself somewhere on the cusp of beginner/intermediate gardener status. A blogger I read frequently wrote that someone who isn't killing a plant every now and then isn't living up their gardening level. I guess I am doing well in that respect. None of the citrus I tried this year worked out so I am busily trying to figure out what went wrong so I can try again next year. I have a five or six year old (I forget exactly how long ago I got it) rosemary that is thriving (for now). It was the successor to about five other rosemary plants that didn't make it. I have a little lemon verbena. Four others I have tried over the years never made it past the season in which I acquired them. It is always a challenge to figure out why something works and why it doesn't.

An interesting bit of needlecraft history--was grandma just knitting or was she spying?

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