Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday--June 7

We expect another cool but sunny day with a trip to the farm market to the north later. I do need to water today but the cool temps have reduced the need a bit. Just a bit of garden puttering. I have lavender just about ready to cut a bit and a couple of petunias to put into the gardens. I might find something new at the farm market.

Found this item first thing this morning. I sense some reservations in the authors comments which makes me think he is lukewarm on his government's new stance. But I can see Trudeau's (and his minister's) points. Mom remarked that, if any of the current tensions and low level conflicts spiral out of control, we don't really have any allies left. That is the problem with #45's zero sum view of life and governance. Building alliances requires finding a win-win balance and he thinks only in terms of "I win-you lose."

I don't need to comment on this. It seems thoroughly in character for our Grifter in Chief.

Another article I don't have to comment on. I wonder how long before top administration officials will have to visit foreign countries in disguise.

I already read one article on #45's difficulty retaining top legal talent to represent him, personally, in the various Russia inquiries (to date four congressional investigations and a special consul.) The earlier pieces noted those law firms' reluctance to represent a client who doesn't listen to advice. Susie Madrak at Crooks and Liars also notes other reasons given by those firms including lack of time for a complex case and their concerns that the client (who has a habit of stiffing people he does business with) won't pay the bill. The Grifter in Chief has a history that is returning to bite him in his nether regions. Yeah, Karma is a bitch.

How to silently call "bullshit" on a Bullshit Artist giving the daily White House press briefing!! The expressions say everything that needs to be said.

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