Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A friend on Facebook commented on a story that I had to checkout further. Well, here is a transcript of the NPR piece that triggered the reaction. Back when #45 nominated Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education, I felt we didn't need that nut job to screw up even more an already screwed up "industry." (And let us not deceive our selves--it is an industry that makes a lot of money.) Well, I have to wonder if there is anything left she can screw up more when people can't even recognize lines from the Declaration of Independence.

Here is one for the "Who Knew?" file. So arthritis is the price we pay for our ancestors surviving the ice age.

It seems a lot of people thought the same thing I did reading #45's comment on Kim Jong Un. One fires missiles; the other fires tweets. Oh, I forgot we missiles, too, as #45 demonstrated.

Charles Hugh Smith has a good take on our fragmented society. Our pundits decry our political fragmentation but rarely not how fragmented our economic reality is. No inflation? Well, we see it every time we go to the grocery store and I noted that this year the plants at the garden center we would have paid $1.99 for last year were marked $3.99 or higher. I know there is a technical definition of inflation the economists use but their definition somehow totally dismisses my lived experience.

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