Saturday, July 22, 2017

Heavy thunderstorms rolled through last night. Rain is still falling though lightly--for how long we don't know. We plan to go to the farm market and do a couple of more errands but can easily put it off till Tuesday. We are postponing the decision for a bit. I can't see any damage nearby from the storms but we have been lucky since the worst of the storm tracks have merely clipped us.

Ronni Bennett has an interesting post yesterday at Time Goes By. They made a movie a few years ago starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson titled "The Bucket List." I used to see memes frequently asking what would be on your Bucket List. I never made such lists because I was always at a loss as to what I really wanted to list. However the "Reverse Bucket List" is interesting but I realize that I haven't made that kind of list either. Over the years my patterns, activities, goals have changed. I never cottoned to "texting" and always thought it a waste. So I never tried to learn it. I always thought Twitter an even bigger waste but, if it floats your boat, go ahead. I won't be following or tweeting. These are a kind of unconscious Reverse Bucket List. But then there are the more conscious additions to the list or rather my recognition of limitations of both time and energy. I will never have the time to read all the books or view all of the movies/TV shows someone or other has insisted everyone must read or view. After years when my reading was dictated by the needs of classes or research projects I read what I want to for as long as I want to and say to hell with the rest. The same goes for movies and TV. In the past my mantra was "been there, done that--no more." Now more often it is "haven't been there, don't want to go there--no way."

We got our shopping done. The rain stopped and we thought it would be safe to venture out. We did go to the farm market and made a couple of other stops before finishing at the grocery store. By then we were pretty well exhausted by the heat and humidity. Mid 80s right now but feels like 90.

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