Monday, July 3, 2017

We had several minutes of a monsoonal downpour yesterday evening. I shouldn't have to water anything but some of the big plants really suck up the water and may need a supplement.

What happens when you mix poverty, a devastating freeze killing off valuable wild plants, a difficult to police border and international capitalism? Environmental degradation. Perhaps I should say "destruction." And borders don't matter at all.

I saw this headline and though: how petty can you get? The author quotes a British politician who is actually trying to make a serious point that Brexit, especially a "hard" Brexit, is already affecting the agricultural labor market which may lead to shortages of farm commodities, including strawberries. But going for a dramatic headline actually trivializes the problem.

Another good reason to get rid of triclosan products in the home. It is an antiseptic agent to which bacteria are becoming resistant and which facilitates the bacteria developing antibiotic resistance.

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