Monday, July 31, 2017

I took cuttings from both types of lavender (English and Elegance), the lotus vine and the lemon mint to try to root. I may take some more from other plants today. I have cucumbers to get into brine so they can become pickles and a bunch of cherry tomatoes to pickle as well. We'll see what else I get done today.

I concentrated on herbs I have been neglecting lately and harvested chives, thyme, stevia, and lime basil. Those are drying now. I found a couple of likely strawberry plantlets that I put in wet vermiculite to root--hopefully. I found two nicely developing Dragon's egg cucumbers hiding behind the trellis. That was a nice surprise but the tally of three for that variety is still a bit disappointing. I found two pretty, ripe strawberries so we each had one decorating the top of our peach/walnut/maple syrup yogurt.

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