Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cool so far this morning though it is way too early to tell how warm it will be. It was deliciously cool yesterday and I got a number of trimming and harvesting chores done. Today is shopping and errand day so I probably won't get more done than watering. We'll see.

I found this almost first thing. Perhaps Ryan ought to get out of the "Daddy knows best" mode and scrap the "dress" code all together. I put dress in quotes because it always seems to be female "dress" that has to be coded. And by men at that.

I have been continually amused by the schizophrenic economic reporting that complains that American's aren't saving enough (for kids' college, for that new home, for retirement, whatever) while bemoaning their unwillingness to spend freely in almost the same breath. This article is in that vein. I love the notion that "saving" is now "hoarding."

Well, it seems that the Republican leadership is so desperate to pass that mangey dog of a "health" care bill they are resorting to bribery. Politics has always involved "horse trading" but I don't think it has ever been so blatant and to gain so little while screwing so many.

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