Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cool this morning--really cool--mid fifties cool. Something of a shock for late July. The calendar is also something of a shock--we have only three days left in July. We are having a problem with computers this morning. Comcast/Xfinity recently changed out our modem for newer model which combines the router and modem functions. We got the computers on with no problem but our printer can't seem to connect to the new modem. Damn! I do hate new systems.

Was anyone surprised Priebus was fired? He had a title but no authority. He had less and less access to his boss who continually humiliated him. At least Sean Spicer avoided the humiliation of being fired by resigning. I don't know how long the few old guard Republicans are left besides Jeff Sessions but I would guess not many. And I wonder how long before Sessions has had a belly full of #45's crap and leaves or is fired also. But Martha Raddatz on ABC News had a throw away line that was key though no other commentator picked up on it: #45 likes to be surrounded by people who tell him what he wants to hear not what he needs to hear. He likes "yes men." That doesn't speak well for John Kelley, his new Ass-Kisser in Chief of Staff. Nor does it bode well for the country.

Computer update: everything is talking to each other again. The technician on the phone was able to talk us through getting everything back like it should be.

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