Sunday, July 9, 2017

Every time I think the current administration has plumbed the depths of incompetence (or any other negative quality), they go lower. Case in point: #45 and wife are stuck in a government guest house because their people failed to book accommodations in Hamburg for the G20 meetings. Of course, they are blaming Obama and his people. My question: where were your people? Why didn't they coordinate with the previous administration?

What's the next step, Paul? Burkas?

It has been an unusual couple of days. Friday there wasn't much to comment on except the first comment above. Yesterday we spent the morning shopping. We arranged things so we didn't have to shop for groceries or anything else over the weekend of the 4th through yesterday. We did run out of milk only because it went bad before the original "sell by" date. But that didn't cause any inconvenience because we keep a small stash of canned, condensed milk just for such an occasion. We made a visit to our local branch of the Evil Empire of Wal-Mart. We actually found several items we needed and a couple that were under consideration but hadn't risen to the "need" level. But that was exhausting for two old ladies so I offered to treat Mom to dinner out. We tried a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican grocery and restaurant and were so pleasantly surprised we gorged ourselves instead of bringing half home for another day. We spent most of the rest of the day napping or playing on the computer.

This morning was a different story. We had two fair sized bags of cherries which we pitted, split and bagged into convenient parcels for freezing and Mom got a cabinet of our plastic containers cleaned out and reorganized. And, yes, we still have plastics though far fewer than we once did. Mom is cleaning up the kitchen and I hope to get out and harvest a few dryer trays of herbs. We'll see.

Well, I have three trays each of peppermint and lavender. That is about half of the lavender that I should cut and, maybe, a sixth of the peppermint. More to do tomorrow if the rain holds off.

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