Sunday, July 2, 2017

The neighbors across the streets on both sides were in full July 4th mode last night. The fireworks were plentiful for at least two hours. I wonder if our next door neighbors took their dogs visiting because we didn't hear a sound from them and they don't like fireworks. They normally make quite a racket when fireworks go off. There are times I really hate some holidays. Most I can ignore, especially since we don't watch much TV any more and don't get the barrage of ads.

This is a longish article which focuses on New York City but the really important part is summarized about half way through.
“By 2040, 70 percent of Americans are expected to live in the 15 largest states, which are also home to the overwhelming majority of the 30 largest cities in the country. By extension, 30 percent of Americans will live in the other 35 states. That means that the 70 percent of Americans get all of 30 Senators and 30 percent of Americans get 70 Senators,” Birdsell says.
 Question: what about the House where the members are apportioned by population? And does the author's conclusion that because the the largest urban areas didn't vote for #45 he has no incentive to deal with their problems follow? And what about those urban areas that voted for Clinton but which are in states that went for #45? And what about the states among the 15 largest who voted for #45? After all, California and Illinois are #1 and #4 respectively but sandwiched in between are Texas and Florida.

I harvested sweet basil, Thai basil, lime basil, lemon mint, chocolate mint, a bit of peppermint and orange mint. All are drying now. In a couple of days I can take another cutting of lavender. I think my peppers are a bust this year. All of the seedlings I started failed. The seedlings I got from the garden shop are producing few flowers and no peppers I can see. I have no idea why.

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