Sunday, July 30, 2017

Another cool night. The temperatures for today are forecast to reach 80 which they didn't yesterday. It was nice to leave the doors open to the breeze. I need to collect cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and water everything. Other than that I plan to work on some of the herbs. I think the mystery plant I found in the chocolate mint was a calibrachoa. I had them in planters on the fence last year or, maybe. the year before. Evidently one managed to shed some seed.

I checked my e-mail today and was totally bummed out. I had 12 in my in-box and 41 in the junk folder. I do check my junk folder because Outlook has a habit of putting some pieces in there that aren't junk. But it is ridiculous that my junk e-mail outnumbered real mail almost 4 to 1. It is beginning to resemble the snail mail box which is almost all junk.

I found six pickling cucumbers, one Dragon's Egg cucumber, six Patio Baby Eggplants, and a mess of cherry tomatoes. Mom is planning to use the Dragon's Egg and the two smallest pickling cucumbers in a yogurt/cucumber/onion salad we like. The four large picklers will be pickled as will the cherry tomatoes we don't eat with the chef salad today. I don't know what happened to the Ox Heart tomatoes this year because I don't see a one developing. The Dragon's Egg, which has been a good producer in previous seasons, has been disappointing also since I don't see any others developing.

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