Friday, May 13, 2011

Good afternoon, everyone. Blogger is finally back on line. I don't think I will say much more. We have temps 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. I spent the morning putting some little awnings up over some of my containers because I lost two tomatoes to the unseasonable high temperatures. I know that tomatoes like full sun but that little patio acts like an oven. I love the fact that the white fence essentially gives that area the equivalent to full sun but the concentration of the heat makes it very hard on lettuce and such as well as the young tomatoes. Also, tomato blossoms don't set over 95 degrees. I hope the awnings work. The little roses are putting out some nice new growth so I may wind up with some nice mini bushes eventually.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Yes, blogger is up and running again :)

My patio is hot also. My hat is off to you for keeping your guys alive with the wierd temps. How I miss home grown toms, can't beat the taste :)