Friday, May 6, 2011

Good morning, again, and TGIF for those of you for whom Friday still means the end of the work week. Actually, I should say the end of the paid work week. Days off were always the days I tried to get caught up on all of the necessary, but unpaid, work that makes the paid work week possible. We have sun and the temps are projected to rise into the mid 60s. We touched 70 yesterday.
Good Saturday morning to you all. I got side tracked yesterday. We went to the city's composting center and picked up a nice batch of compost to add to the containers. The city collects leaf and garden waste, composts it and gives it away free to non-commercial parties. Next year we will take a shovel with us and I think I will set up a box that I can line with a large leaf bag. We didn't know exactly what the process is so although I did take the leaf bags "just in case," we wound up raking the compost into the bag with the windshield squeegees. Not exactly efficient but we got the job done.

I got the last of the tomato seedlings in and I have space for a couple more plants. I will pick them up from one of the local garden centers. Eight of the peppers are also now in their final home and If we get some sun today I will put in the remaining four. That will leave space for a couple of more in the last two 5 gal buckets. The whole week looks good with temps in the 70s and 80s until a cool down next weekend.


Snowbrush said...

Indiana, eh? My best friend here in Oregon is from Indiana--one of the lake cities.

My own city also composts, but I have no idea how common it is.

As for old movies (in case you don't get back to that discussion), try Busby Berkeley. Many of his dance/musical numbers were so good that you can buy a DVD just of them. He's phenomenal, and he operated in an era when money was unlimited for such things. Some of his stars were Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers, James Cagney, and Joan Blondell. If you don't love him, I would be surprised, but then I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't go nuts over Busby Berkeley.

Kay Dennison said...

You always remind how badly organized and lazy I am. Can I borrow a cup of ambition?