Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Saturday morning to everyone out there. We had a nice sunny and dry day yesterday. I got my lemon verbena moved and rosemary into their own large pots. Also got the new tomato, oregano, and lavender planted. I still have two large containers not even started yet. One will be my greens container later when the temperatures get too high for the lettuce and spinach to thrive. These two are in a shady part of the patio. I will have to take a trip to Home Depot and Menards to get some inspiration this week. The impatiens seem to like their new home--not evident transplant shock at all. I want to put some new lettuce and spinach seeds out today. I put the little pots into the large containers yesterday. Hopefully the rains will be very scattered.

The weather people said that over the last almost 3 months (from March through now) we had two months (March and May) with less rainfall than normal and one (April) with significantly more. Result--we are just .2 inches below normal. Actually, I was surprised that April wasn't wetter given how few sunny days we had.

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Kay Dennison said...

Glad you made such progress!!!!

I just wish it would warm up. Today is pretty and I'm hoping that I can clean my front porch cleaned.

I need my trip up north badly!