Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Morning to you all. Well, I guess the end of the world has been put on hold. No earthquake here and everything is as it was yesterday morning. Except it is sunny and we expect temps in the 80s.

I didn't get anything done in the gardens yesterday. The clouds we had for most of the day rather took my energy away. Besides I am still debating with myself what else is going to go where.

So our Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will not be running for President. Smart man!! At least in this matter. I am not enthusiastic about any candidate in any party.

Just browsing around on the internet yesterday I found that my town has this year started a trial community garden. They only had, I think they said, 20 10x10 plots available (for $10 each) and I found about it well after the last one had been claimed. I hope they can continue it and I would love to have some new plots opened up nearer to me. The first garden is located in the far north of the town--not at all convenient. I would much rather have a plot within walking distance.


Kay Dennison said...

I can't figure out why anyone anyone wanted the Rapture -- only 700 were going to be 'chosen' and I don't think anyone is so secure/perfect in their faith to know that they were part of the elect.

I doubt Mitch Daniels would have gotten the nomination anyway -- isn't he as awful as my idiot governor, John Kasich, who is prolly gonna be a one-term governor thanks to SB 5. I'm smiling.

And I'm not interested any candidates either -- I'll prolly wind up with Obama but am not sure if I'll work for him. I am going to campaign against whoever runs against my Congressman and I tell him that weekly when I get his newsletter and reply to his Tea Party rhetoric.

The community garden sounds excellent but a lot of work. I hope you can get a plot.

Looking to the Stars said...

Getting a plot closer to you would be best. Hope that happens for you.

Ah, yes just love 'the world is ending' people. I really feel sorry for the people who drained their savings accounts and donated all their worldly items. Why do they want to believe such things?

Well it'll be intersting to see who is going to run for the brass ring. Everywhere I read, its about who is NOT running (lol)

take care