Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Monday morning to everyone out there. Yesterday was an absolutely perfect Mother's Day--temps in the 70s, dry, and bright sun. We may get some rain off and on but otherwise a carbon copy today.

My sister had a similar comment yesterday, Kay. I told her that the nice thing about being retired was I had the time for the things I want to do and can get away with not doing a lot of the things I don't like doing. And I can stage things so that none of it is so overwhelming that I am exhausted afterwards and can enjoy what I have done. And if I don't get everything I planned done--it doesn't really matter, tomorrow is another day. Give yourself some slack. You are probably doing more than you give yourself credit for.

Tomdispatch always has good articles and today's piece is right in line. Andy Kroll has some very good observations in his "How the McEconomy bombed the American Worker." It takes some very good shots at the 'good' news the mainstream media chose to emphasize last week.

Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism asks some very pertinent questions at the end of her article. I haven't read the Superman issue she starts out with though I have seen it mentioned a couple of times in the mainstream media. I find it interesting that DC has gone this route. During the 1960s Superman came out very much on the establishment side of the cultural argument condemning the Hippies and others who advocated withdrawal socially and economically from a system they found repugnant. There was never a doubt that truth equalled justice equalled 'the American Way.' To find that triad of equivalents questioned is surprising to say the least.


Kay Dennison said...

Oh heck! I make a career out of beating myself up -- blame my perfectionist, obsessive-compulsive mother -- we're talking about a woman who washed her windows *every* week. I have learned to let it go but it still nags at me at times.

I'm heading over to your links to check them out!

Looking to the Stars said...

I think you have it right about the retiring. Tomorrow is another day to get things done.

We have had nice weather here also. I think spring is finally here :)