Monday, May 2, 2011

Good morning, all. I woke this morning to the news that Osama Bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan. Although I am glad he is dead I don't hold that any kind of justice has been done. Rather, I think along the lines of Hercule Poirot in the Albert Finney version of Murder on the Orient Express: "A repulsive murderer has been repulsively, and perhaps deservedly, murdered." I would simply eliminate the word 'perhaps.' We have engaged in a ten year effort to accomplish a collective vengeance. I will leave justice to God (by what ever name you choose to call her/him) and pray that we are treated with the mercy we probably don't deserve.

Going on to something far more pleasant--the garden and related matters. It was a nice warm day yesterday with plenty of sun and temps that beat the projections. We, finally, took the plastic off the windows, cleaned the glass on the front and patio doors, and washed down the shelves that have, for the last two months, held my starting trays and transplants. I also got two of the three varieties of tomatoes in their containers under the plastic tents. However, I have a problem with my little bay tree. I put it out in the mini-green house and some of the leaves have shriveled and dried up. I have it back inside hoping that the damage isn't too extensive and it will recover. On a bright note, I forgot to take pots of marigold and lettuce out of the over-the-fence hangers last night so they remained uncovered till this morning. Luckily the temps did not fall below 50 and they are fine. We have clouds right now but are supposed to get sun later. I hope so because I have more transplanting to do. But I will have to remember to put everything under the tents because the lows are supposed to fall to the mid 30s. (Update: it looks like I have got my wish. We just had the sun come out.)

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