Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good morning, everyone. We have bright sun again today but cooler temperatures before a couple of days of cool rainy weather moves in tonight and tomorrow. But none of the low temps are predicted to be low enough to threaten my plants. The news just showed some pictures of damage from a tornado spawned by the same system that hit Joplin--in Rensselaer, Indiana. Not that far from here. Luckily, from the scanty coverage, the damage was isolated and minor.

So Tim Pawlenty has thrown his hat into the Presidential circus ring with the promise to tell us the Truth when no one else will. I guess that depends on how you define 'truth.' The Political Wire has a couple of links which show just how slippery the definition can be.

I think your God has been talking to mine, Lois. I am pretty sure we're all ok. And Kay's yawn has echoed here on the rescheduling of the Rapture.

This is a little late today. I did my library run and visited the Menards and Home Depot garden departments. I still had 2 tubs with almost nothing in them. After moseying through I finally settled on three new tomatoes (2 heirloom, 1 hybrid), a cilantro, a 'sweet' mint (their name for spearmint), a miniature pink rose that (surprise, surprise) has a strong rose smell, and several flowers. I transplanted the tomatoes, cilantro, mint, and rose. Also place the three ground cherries in their final homes. I don't plan on anything for the next couple of days if it is as cool and wet as forecast. But we were really pleased to see that the yellow cherry tomato has blossoms on it. We shut the front door and bedroom window because the temp has dropped from about 80 to 70 over the last couple of hours. And the wind has picked up.


Looking to the Stars said...

I am so glad that the tornado didn't come your way. Weather here has been overcast with rain & hail. And of the course the boys are going crazy with no sun. We have had to run the furnace, just when we thought it was ac time :)

LOL, yes our Gods say everything is fine and we are ok :)

Ahh, so there is someone who is running for prez and is going to tell us the truth,lol. Oh, he is going to be a fun one to read about :)

Pink roses sound beautiful, I need to plant a new rosebush in the front yard. When we bought the house the rosebush was on his last leg, I nutured it for 12 yrs but now he has bit the dirt (sigh).

take care

Kay Dennison said...

Sorry you've been under the weather but glad you're feeling better.

I'll ignore the next Rapture date completely. I thought Bryce was gonna die laughing when he asked me when the world was gonna end and I looked at my watch and said, "If it's true, we're already dead and have been for an hour so why are we talking?"

I'm already tired of Election 2012 and more so after this weekend. Sigh.

I was pleasantly surprised when some plants in front of my place bloomed gangbusters -- they never bloomed before!! I think I'll have to separate the bulbs in the fall
and next year they'll be awesome!
I'm thinking of adding some daffodils.