Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good morning, everyone. I may have mis-spoke when I said the garden was doing well. I woke this morning to find my little melons drooping. Last night only four were. I think the wind on Monday may have damaged them more than I thought. I remember the winds in Colorado doing similar damage to my plants but that has not been a problem here--until now. I brought all of the free standing plants in Monday evening because the weather people predicted possible frost. I covered all of the large containers. Everything out there (knock on wood) are doing well and almost everything inside. I will put most of the pots back outside but with protection. Oh, well--live and learn. If I have to I can restart the melons.

This really doesn't surprised me. Not since I live in a state where the state supreme court has recently decided that citizens don't have the right to resist the police even when the police are engaging in illegal activities--like forcing their way into your home without consent, search warrant or probable cause. Despotism is most definitely on the march in the land of the (now un-) free.

Crooks & Liars has another excellent entry in the 'skewed Republican values' file. I don't think I can adequately express my disgust. I can understand questioning the education system and reforming it where necessary but not in cutting the education budget and then shifting the money to formula 1 racing!!!

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Looking to the Stars said...

Sorry, about the melons :(

When I read about the new police law, nazi germany jumped into my mind. We are headed for big trouble. I can only hope it will not be in our lifetime.

take care