Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good Thursday morning to you all. We have light fog and cloudy skies this morning. It should burn off and I can get some more gardening done. Thunderstorms rumbled through yesterday evening and last night. I worried about the oregano but it came through very well. It is still small. I lost one of the tomatoes and may lose another but not because of the storms. I don't know why they have failed to thrive. If the second one dies I will replace it with another from one of the garden center.

Happy Birthday, Lois, and many more to come.

Well, as I deadheaded the roses I found some healthy new growth. I also pruned back some dead canes. They just might make it.

I also got the ginger mint potted and in its place in one of the fence pot hangers. The cat nip and the ginger are well outside the large containers because mints are notoriously invasive. I will sink the pots into the large containers when I start cleaning up in the fall and mulch them for the winter. We will see how many of my herbs actually overwinter. I also put some cosmos and acorn squash in. I know, I know!! I had said I wouldn't do that but I find I have the room and I hope the deep collars I put around the tomatoes will keep the cosmos from pushing them out. Also, since the tomatoes are 6-8 inch seedlings while the cosmos are still seeds. I hope that is enough of an edge. I also got the poppies put into their permanent pot. Next year I will start them later in the pot. They did not like the peat plugs at all and the egg carton tray only slightly better. I still have the lemon verbena and stevia to place but there isn't any hurry about it.

Ronni Bennett has an entertaining post this morning on a day she accidentally frittered away. I totally relate. Every now and then I find my self at the end of a day when I got absolutely nothing done I had planned to do. It used to annoy me a lot and still does though not very often and not as intensely. Nothing I had planned to do was so earth shatteringly important that it absolutely had do be done then. Giving myself the right to 'fritter' also means that I can easily shift and do something on the spur of the moment--like visiting the farmer's market yesterday to get our year's supply of asparagus and some other items.

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Kay Dennison said...

I fritter too much! Then again, sometimes I get my best ideas when I fritter.

Your frittering is prolly more productive than mine.