Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I knew I shouldn't have posted earlier. Usually I don't find anything after going through my various blogs, news sites, and the google alerts. However, this is interesting. If the Feds do carry through with the 'new' tactic of targeting corporate execs for the abuses practiced in their companies' names we might actually get some form of accountability. The major problem has been that the individuals who have the responsibility for making the decisions in their corporations have been able to get off relatively lightly as the penalties, usually pitifully light, were applied to the companies. But, as an old saying holds, a 'committee is the only living organism with four or more legs and no brain.' The same goes for any collective grouping including, perhaps especially, companies in the modern economy. I often wondered during the Deepwater Horizon spill if we shouldn't somehow devise a death penalty for bad companies.


Looking to the Stars said...

Sorry, you were under the weather. Hope you're feeling better.

Ahh, the cucumber thing in Europe is big and Spain is resentful that they are looking to them. All I can say is welcome to the club. We have banned a Arby's by us because a cockraoch was found in one of the sandwichs. The woman who got the sandwich called the health dept. pronto. We are also banning The Golden Bee in the Broadmoor. They got 17 citions from the health dept in the month of May. UGH! As far as buying from a store, I wash my veggies as well as I can but theres always a chance.

You are smart to have your own little garden! take care

Kay Dennison said...

Nobody -- rich or poor -- likes getting hit smack dab in the pocketbook. I hope it's a wake up call!