Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Monday morning, Everyone.  Though today has started out cloudy after overnight rain the temperature was about 50F. Kuma is a very happy cat because I opened the doors and he could go in and out at will.  He hasn't been able to do that for about 3 months.  The wind has died down, for now, so we weren't uncomfortable leaving the door open enough for him to squeeze through.  This week is supposed to be in the 60s and 70s with periods of rain.  Oh, you are so right, Kay.  This weather is weird.  Don't worry too much about the bulbs.  See what comes up and replace what doesn't.  That is why I keep watching the blueberries, herbs, roses and mums--to what works and what has to be changed.

And I agree also that this country needs to get a big dose of sanity.  We had news commentators this morning noting the rising price of gas and Obama's falling (again) popularity numbers wondering what he 'needs to do' to turn things around.  The implication is that Obama, all by his lonesome, can do something to significantly change the economic environment.  The problems go well beyond Obama or the Republicans or the Democrats.  To think any of them have any real options to improve the economy is like thinking that someone could have prevented the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.

Oh, yeah, the economy is really getting better.  I remember asking three years ago, when the Federal government funneled all that money to the states and cities all that money to keep teachers, police and firefighters employed, what would happen when that money ran out.  I guess I was realistically pessimistic about when the economy would turn around.  But I do notice that these kind of stories don't make the national news even when we are talking about mind-boggling bankruptcies of cities and counties.


Kay Dennison said...

Yeah, the economy is getting better and my life keeps getting worse.

Sorry, I'm just too crabby today.

Nicola said...

Hello Mary

Sorry not to have commented lately but I haven't had time to blog. Spring is definitely here in Cornwall and its all hands to the deck with the garden.