Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good Wednesday to you all out there.  I found my strawberries yesterday and picked up most of the soil I need to fill my new containers.  I will probably need more but that will be later.  Also found the vermiculite I wanted and the potting soil.  I did pull the remaining peat plugs out of the shed but I don't think I will use them.  I haven't been all that happy with them over the last couple or three years.  Anyway I have some plans for working in the containers today--after the sun comes up and the temperatures rise.  I would love to hook up the water hose but I just don't trust the weather.  Mother Nature can be a cruel and fickle bitch.  I will pull out my lettuce and radishes to start in the greenhouse and the peppers to start inside.  Nice busy day.

I hear you, Kay.  I think I am feeling better since I started turning off the news--not nearly so depressed and angry.  With gardening season starting early, my mood is definitely improving.

I know what you mean, Nicola.  Spring seems to have arrived here a month early.  I just finished turning my compost bin.  I had hoped to mix some in the soil I am reconditioning for my containers.  It isn't ready yet.  I try to take things in manageable segments.  Turn the Compost.  Read on line and post a bit.  Dig out some of the first container, mix in the vermiculite and new soil, and replace.  Read on line and post a bit.  Plant the strawberries and water. And so on.  Usually I look back on such a day and am amazed at how much I actually got done.  Happy gardening!!

Just finished mixing the soil for the strawberry bed.  Surprised that the soil was so workable.  I expected it to be far more packed.  Most of the gardening sites advise against using garden soil for containers but I simply couldn't afford the potting soil on that scale.

Gottalaf at The Political Carnival makes a point I have made now and again here: the key to the right wing assault on Social Security and Medicare is to reframe the programs as 'welfare' and then to cut the programs for all on the grounds of fiscal responsibility.  These programs are not welfare.  People pay into them in the expectation that the promise they will receive monthly checks when they retire will be honored.  That is how it has worked for the last 80 years.  Millionaires are as entitled as the working poor to collect the benefits. I have no problem with that and I think that is a good argument for taking the cap off the income subject to the payroll tax.  If an average person (one who makes less that $106k/year) has to pay on all of his income so should the un-average person who makes more than the cap.

This makes me incredibly jealous!!!  I am still at least 4 months away from anything like it.

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Annie*s Granny said...

Don't be jealous. My regular garden tomatoes haven't even begun to sprout yet! I expect my first ripe tomato in about three months. Bloody Butcher was my first to ripen last year, on June 21.