Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good morning, All.  Sunny today and a bit warmer.  But as I said yesterday this is our pneumonia roller coaster--up a couple of days and down for the next couple.  I may be able to get some more of the containers reconditioned as we haven't had any new rain for a couple of days.

We saw this story on the morning news and quipped that we have to fix our deficient diets--add a bit of chocolate and a beer a day.

This story was also on the news last night and this morning.  It is nice that the company that makes the 'pink slime' is going to pay its laid off workers for 60 days while they try to rebuild their business.  They seem convinced that all they have to do is convince consumers that the product is safe and things will be like they were.  My problem isn't with the company making the product.  My problem is that they insist that the product not be identified in the down stream products.  If anyone wants to knowingly buy and consume something with 'pink slime,' that is their choice.  But I don't want to and, if they aren't going to label the product, I have no choice.  That pisses me off.

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