Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello, again.  Now that I got the gardening report (with pictures) out of the way I will take my usual trip through the internet and see if I find anything interesting to comment on or link to.

This idiocy has been sprouting up faster than pigweed in a GMO cotton field.  A long, long time ago I applied for a retail job where part of the application included a 'personality' test.  The whole thing so irritated me that I answered the questions honestly instead of giving the answers I knew would ensure I was hired.  I knew that the company was looking for a 'yes woman,' someone who would take the company line over all, be uncritical of the company, and would not likely join a union.  What I also resented was the notion that my moral/ethical values were for sale for whatever was the going minimum-wage rate at the time.  The current fashion takes that even farther into the realm of invasion of privacy on par with the companies demanding drug tests to determine if you are smoking (tobacco, not illegal substances) in your off time.  I have seen a number of conservative bloggers who decry the growth of the 'nanny state' but who are absolutely silent about the violation of individual rights by corporations.  And to justify the violation with the notion that 'they could have refused' ignores that desperate people might feel they have the choice between giving up their privacy and eating--which is no choice at all.  And the one idiot who said that the Facebook friends would know more about the applicant than his physical neighbors is totally ridiculous.  Almost all of my Facebook 'friends' are people who play the same games I do.  They know nothing else about me and I know nothing more about them.

On a humorous note--have you heard the one about the 9-year-old called up for jury duty?

Here is one for the 'garbage in, garbage out' file.  I think our economists need to define 'productivity' and what exactly it means for the economy much more carefully.

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