Monday, March 26, 2012

Good morning on this last Monday of March.  Very cool today--my thermometer read 40F on our patio and Kuma is very unhappy because I refused to open the door for him.  The week looks like our typical spring pneumonia roller coaster.  I don't think I will do anything in the gardens because the weather shows a strong possibility of rain.  Otherwise everything looks good.

I saw this item first thing this morning.  I really cannot formulate a coherent thought on the situation I am so disgusted.

Yves Smith posted this today.  She makes a point that reflects what I have seen over the last five years.  I remarked early and frequently that the notion of a contract has become meaningless with respect to employment.  All a company or other employer had to do to get out of their labor contract was to declare bankruptcy and the courts would allow those contracts to be cancelled and new conditions imposed without negotiation at all.  The con man has become the modal personality of our society and we have a kleptocracy not capitalism.

Kunstler continues his account of the scam that is much of modern medicine.  We laughed a bit this morning as we were grocery shopping when we passed through the dairy cases (where we picked up half-and-half and whole milk) and by the beer shelves on our way to checkout.  About what, you ask?  I asked Mom if she wanted to add a beer a day to our diet because a recent report said women who drank a beer each day had a much reduced risk of heart attack.  We laughed because we recalled all of the reports that told us how bad even one alcoholic drink a day is for us.  Every time a report comes out telling consumers how bad one food or drink is you get a push back from the industry showing how healthy the product really is.  I agree with Kunstler's rather dismal view of the processed food industry.

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