Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Sunday morning, Everyone.  Cloudy and cold this morning with some snow likely.  Nothing that will accumulate.  I looked  out this morning and saw very early buds on the tree in the front.  And next weekend we go back on Daylight Savings Time.  As I say twice a year every year--I wish they would leave it alone.  The disruption to my system isn't nearly as bad as when I had jobs to go to but it still upsets the rhythm of our lives.  I will be glad that daylight comes earlier.  In deep winter we have two or more hours between when we get up and when we can see what is going on outside.

The news already infuriates me.  They have played up Rush Limbaugh's 'apology.'  It wasn't an apology.  The news writers are soft soaping the whole thing saying 'some are calling it a non-apology.'  I have to amend this.  The Political Wire carried a quote in which he said he 'sincerely' apologized to the woman he called a 'slut.' He was 'sorry' for his 'choice of words' and excused it all as a failed attempt at humor.  He also claimed he didn't mean anything personal.  Really!!!  How can it not be personal.  You have to have a very skewed sense of humor to think it is humorous calling someone you don't know and with whom you disagree politically a 'slut' and a 'prostitute.'  I am so tired of these assholes acting badly, issuing a sort-of-apology, and going on as if nothing happened.  I call this a 'sort-of-apology' because the term 'apology' indicates you think you did something wrong and will reform your behavior.  I rather doubt that Limbaugh, who has made his livelihood making outrageous and insulting statements, really feels any remorse or will try to reform his behavior.  This also illustrates one of my pet peeves concerning the mainstream media:  they played up the story for the drama and conflict but provided very little accurate information.

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Kay Dennison said...

What galled me most is Rush's ignorance about birth control and how it works, i.e., his raving about how much sex the young lady was having. Doesn't he have any researchers to help? Did he ever talk to his many wives?

The whole thing is nuts.