Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good morning to you all on this cool but, I hope, sunny Sunday.  I won't do much in the garden today except look the plants over.  I will wait till tomorrow or Tuesday so it will dry out a bit more.  I saw some radishes and lettuce have broken the soil along with a new stand of spinach.  Over time I have tried the advice to soak spinach seeds and I tried, as you all know, to winter sow spinach seeds.  However, the new pot yielded a better germination rate just by sticking the seeds in the soil than either of the other methods.  And the winter sown aren't really much further along that those I started as I normally do.  In addition, two of the peppers have emerged along with two of the pyrethrum, both starts of tansy and four of my marigolds.  I don't follow the advice about sowing for the most part because I am not growing anything in the ground in rows.  I plant my seeds one at a time unless they are really small.  So where most gardeners will plant a whole packet of marigolds (or what ever) I will plant only 3 or 4 or so depending on how many plants I want to put outside.  That is also why a packet will last me three or four years.  I notice that one of the tomatoes did not sprout at all but that variety is about three years old.  With another (the same age) only half came up.  I plan to find an heirloom transplant to replace the one and save the seeds from it and the heirloom that has sprouted.  I will use those seeds next year.  Where do I keep them, you ask?  In the refrigerator.

Glad you like the weather, Kay.  Enjoy the sun we are getting today.  I can't complain about the cooler temperatures as they are 5 or 10 or more degrees above normal instead of the 20+ above we had over the last two weeks.  I know what you mean about the so-called news.  It annoys me because it is a bunch of verbiage that gives very little real information and then it is repeated, often without any change in wording at all, to the point it becomes meaningless.  We now have our new legal issue to be tried in the media--the Trayvon Martin case.  What real annoys me is that, in the end, there will be no justice for either side.  And the legal aspects are given far less emphasis than the emotional and dramatic.  I was reading a blog this morning about the rising municipal bond defaults but the topic has not appeared in our mainstream media. It mentioned Indianapolis as one that is trying to overcome a multi-tens-of millions of dollars deficit but there hasn't been a word in the media about it--even our increasingly worthless print news is silent on the matter.  I don't know how often one or the other of us has read something and wondered out loud why it hasn't made the news.  I find my self turning off the TV and putting on Pandora or one of our movies.  It isn't worth raising my blood pressure over.  But, like you, I can't give it up completely--can't totally turn away from the horror show.

"Mostly, I believe somebody's lying, I just don't know who."  That pretty well sums up this mess.

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