Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good morning, Everyone.  We expect mid 50s today.  Right now we have some clouds but, hopefully, they will clear off.  Don't worry, Kay.  This should be going your way.  I was cheered by the forecast because the temperature roller coaster appears to be moving up a bit.  Instead of oscillating between the 30s and 40s it is swinging between the 40s and 50s.  I told Mom that I will change out the door wreath on the spring equinox.

Well, the G8 conference has been moved from Chicago to Camp David.  The city's boosters and political leaders are mourning the 'loss.'  They were hoping for an economic boost from all of the anticipated spending on food, accommodations, and what ever else the attendees might spend money on.  The Occupy and other protestors are claiming a victory.  I think the move is a good one.  With the meeting at Camp David, the costs of the meeting falls entirely on the Federal Government.  On the issue of whether Chicago was ready for both of these conferences at the same time, one of the local commentators made the point that no city is prepared for even one of them.  All you need to do to see the truth of that is to look back at any of the recent G8 meetings.  They have been lightening rods for all of the discontent and anger over globalization.

It seems that Rush isn't the only Repthuglican idiot who has to spew forth inanities.  John McCain thinks we should bomb Syria in support of Assad's opposition.  That worked so well in Libya, didn't it?  It has become such a free, democratic, and stable society now that Qaddafi is gone.  (Sarcasm alert)  MSNBC published this account.  'Humanitarianism' has become a catchall with all of the meaning 'national security' has now.  In other words, no meaning at all.  It means what ever the speaker/writer/observer wants it to mean.  The Arab League has condemned the assault by the Syrian army and have called for Assad's ouster--Let them take the lead.

Red Tape Chronicles presents another article concerning what has become an increasing invasion of privacy: companies and other organizations demanding user names and passwords for applicants' social media.  I have often said that anyone who expects privacy in their internet activities is living in a dream world.  Once something is posted it is there forever.  Just in the last couple of days, I saw the story of a Brit who is suing Google Earth for invading his privacy over pictures they got of his neighborhood that showed him taking a leak in his yard.  He wants Google to retrieve and erase all of those pictures--an impossibility.  However, though I don't believe in any such thing as true private in the cyberworld, I don't think we should accept companies, etc., demanding the right to invade password protected sites and pages.

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