Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good morning to you all on what looks like it will be a sunny Saturday.  The wind is kicking up though not as much as a couple of days ago.  Hope you get rid of that cold so you can enjoy this nice weather, Kay.  What you say about driving across town and spending hard cash on movies reflects our own feelings.  I don't think we have been to a theater since Return of the King was released.  I saw on your post yesterday that your Repthuglican governor changed his mind about Federal aid for the tornado victims.  I hope he and a whole bunch of others are ousted this election cycle.

Another entry in the 'Oh, what weird weather we are having!!' file.

And then there is this new post destined for the 'Don't you just love political double speak' file.  So 'energy independence' = 'transporting oil in a pipeline to the gulf coast so it can be exported to other places.'  And it may make gasoline more expensive in the midwest because the pipe will take our supply to the gulf to join the export stream.  And the Canadian company admits that the oil is not destined for the U.S. market but they want it to go across U.S. territory.  I say let them build it over their own country, risk polluting their own land and water supply, and send it wherever they want.  The Repthuglican politicians pushing the Keystone XL pipeline are serving the interests of their true paymasters--oil company executives and investors.

Why does this sound so familiar?  Oh, yes, I remember now.  The executives of Lehman Brothers and other companies involved in the financial crisis also got nice bonuses for helping unravel the mess they created.  These idiots have it made coming and going.

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