Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good morning, Everyone.  Our thermal roller coaster is in full operation.  Had low 80s here yesterday and today we won't get out of the 50s.  Couldn't take full advantage of the good weather because Mom had an appointment with one of her doctors and we had to fill a new prescription so that took a chunk of time out of the day.  And the temperature didn't stay high long.  It dropped 20 degrees between 2pm and 4.  I did get another tray of spinach started along with some of the garnet rose lettuce and lemon squash.  Later I will throw on my sweater and get some more done.

I noticed something a bit strange between the news last night an this morning.  The CBS national news noted that the producer of 'pink slime' had petitioned the USDA to allow venders to label the products containing their product.  They mentioned several wordings that a consumer could look for to clue them into the presence of 'finely textured lean beef.'  But I haven't seen any mention of the move this morning.  I have to amend that.  I have found one summarizing article on MSNBC but I had to search for it.  It hasn't been given the same coverage as the original controversy.  We'll have to see how extensive such labeling will be and how long producers will continue to label the product.  After all labeling is voluntary.

Hello, Kay.  Glad you are getting around on the internet at least.  I agree that independence cannot be over-rated.  I am glad you have people who can and will help out.  Take things a bit easy for a while and recover.  I am enjoying the spring even though it has settled into what I have called the pneumonia roller coaster.  I also agree on the food contamination issue.  I have a couple of Google alerts geared toward the news of food recalls and we pay attention to that news.  Some years ago, when we had several recalls of the mixed, ready-to-serve salad greens contaminated with e. coli and salmonella, we simply stopped buying the product.  We have gradually eliminated most of the canned goods because of the salt load and the BPA.  We buy fresh and process it ourselves.  And so it goes.  The only way to protect ourselves it to be aware of the risk, weigh it carefully, and take our own steps to mitigate it.  As I wrote before--the agencies of government that are supposed to protect the health and welfare of the public are more concerned with protecting corporate profits.

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The Accidental Housewife said...

Thanks for dropping past my blog.

I find pink slime truly disgusting. I saw a documentary on how it was made, and it concerned me. Luckily we don't seem to have reached that point here in Australia, but I am sure if it is financially viable in the US it will try to gain a foothold here, too. Labelling may be our only saviour.

I certainly won't be eating it if I have a choice.