Monday, April 16, 2012

Good morning on this soggy Monday.  We had episodes of heavy rain last night--heavy enough that it woke me.  But everything outside looks good still.  I have to look at the soil to see whether it is dry enough to work.  We still have a month before our average last frost date.  My seedlings should be ready to transplant in two weeks.  I think it will be safe with hot caps and plastic covers.  I will wait and see what the weather is doing at the time though.  The bigger problem today may be the wind.  The tall trees are dancing now.  And the current temperatures are the high for the day--we will see the 40s by this evening.  It has been a strange year (already)--the Boston Marathon officials are warning people that they might consider not running because the temps are forecast as high as 90.  I won't even mention the tornadoes over the last two days--or earlier.

You know I agree with you on the politics, Kay.  I also think that, no matter who wins the elections this year, the real losers are those in the lower two-thirds of the socioeconomic ladder.  We both have noted that the candidates promises mean very little because they all require cooperation from others to keep those promises.  I don't see any new age of cooperation dawning in Washington.  And I think a number of economic and other 'tsunamis' are coming that no on can fully mitigate.  And most of our politicians appear to ben in denial or are busy boosting the so-called recovery.  They will be as helpful teats on a bull.

I am glad to see that I am not alone in my beliefs.  Jess at Jess' Cafe Americain writes in a similar vein.  And, compared to his assessment, I am rather kind to our socioeconomic 'betters.'

On that topic I promised, yesterday, I wouldn't comment on any more--Tina E. at Another Old Woman makes some very on point comments.

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