Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good morning to you all.  We expect possible thunderstorms later today  I hope to get some spinach and lemon balm for our chef salads for supper.  Those are doing very well outside.  I saw a couple of the new planting of peppers breaking the surface.  I may actually get some of the Lipstick and Bullnose peppers this year.  Next spring I will definitely shift to vermiculite for seed starting.

I saw a brief article on this about a month ago.  State and local governments are rushing headlong to 'privatize' various services and facilities only to find that the companies they are dealing with are not as trustworthy as they thought.  Maybe the latest company running the Mississippi juvenile detention center inherited bad actors when they acquired the old corrections company--maybe not.  But I think two years would have been plenty of time to clean house.

ETF Daily posted this commentary today that reflects my own thoughts on our debt 'problem.'  Some years ago I started asking what would happen in a consumer driven society if the consumer couldn't consume any more.  Well, as a society, we answered that, temporarily, but extending a huge amount of credit.  But with private debt at nearly five times the GDP and national debt equal between 80 and !00+% of GDP (depending who is counting), the debt pyramid has to collapse sooner or later.  For another take, and not an optimistic one, on the debt and the too-big-to-fail banks look at this ETF Daily article.

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