Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good Saturday morning to you all.  We have had rain over night.  I did get some of the soil reconditioning done yesterday and filled four containers.  I don't know if it will dry out enough to do anything more.  The week looks like it will provide every other day rain.  I have to remind myself not to complain because we do need the moisture.  We are one month away from our average last frost date but I think the oregano, sage, and orange mint could be transplanted.  Those are hardy enough to withstand temperatures lower than what we have had over night.  I found one slug in my compost bin, some aphids on my roses, and, amazingly enough, a couple of very small rose buds.

Will the real Mitt please stand up?  This is one reason why I watch less and less politics.  Sometimes I wonder if these guys are running for 'chameleon in chief' instead of 'commander in chief.'

Hi, Kay.  I didn't see the comments the Repthuglicans found offensive as criticism of Anne Romney's decision to be a stay-at-home mother.  I saw it as challenging her credentials as an expert on the economic problems of ordinary Americans.  She may have been a very effective mother but she is no expert on the conditions those in lower socio-economic levels experience.  As I said mothers have the hardest job this society doesn't pay for.  To think that Anne Romney has some expertise in economics simply because she has some far more considerable experience in raising children is ridiculous.  But we tend to do that in this country--attribute expertise in some area to people who have become famous in some other area.  Some years ago I saw a news show in which Katie Couric was interviewed and was asked what advice she had for women who had to juggle kids, husband, and career.  She bluntly told the interviewer she didn't have any.  She was well paid and married to a successful, well paid man and between them they were able to afford all the help she needed--nannies, maids, etc.

On the other hand, I find it very interesting that the Teapublicans (and the Repthuglicans) aren't up in arms over Joe Walsh who denigrates Tammy Duckworth's very real experience (in uniform and in government) by citing her gender.  Isn't it amazing that a good Repthugican wife and mother suddenly has expertise in economics that can't be challenged because she is a wife and mother but a woman candidate's real expertise can be mocked, belittled, dismissed simply because she is a woman.  As a woman, I am not sure which half of that sentence is more insulting.

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