Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hope you all liked the tour of my early, and definitely not finished, gardens.  Now let's see what the Internet has to offer this morning.

We are in much the same boat, Kay.  We don't drive very far, very often.  Lately we have driven more because Mom needed to see both her main doctors over the last month and I still have dental work to do.  We recently decided that we really did need to incorporate more fish into our diet and that is expensive.  I do love Undernews.  I find, there, important stories none of our mainstream media think we need to hear about.

Well, Huffington Post picked up on the Al Jazeera story about deformed fish and crustaceans in the Gulf. Good!!  I linked to Al Jazeera yesterday.

I am often amazed by the disparity between any news reports and especially those dealing with the economy.  I found this bright and perky article at MSNBC this morning.  Supposedly the economists were pleasantly surprised when the unemployment claims fell by 2000 last week indicating an improved job market.  I might have been more optimistic if I hadn't read the Market Watch coverage a bit earlier.  Evidently the surprise wasn't all that pleasant.  The drop came on comparison with the adjusted numbers which were 8000 more than originally reported.  I wonder what adjustments will be made in this weeks numbers.  And the numbers came in higher that what the economists had projected--374k.  Anyone really wonder why I don't trust statistics or the news related to statistics?

I simply couldn't let this idiocy go by without comment.  I get really tired of morons describing everything they dislike as either communist or Nazi.  There is no parallel between the Nazi laws requiring Jews to wear a Star of David and those county laws requiring people to refrain from smoking in a designated area.  

I wasn't going to comment on the latest Supreme Court inconsistency--the decision that torture victims can't sue under U.S. law unless they can identify (name) individuals.  They can't sue the organizations or governments for whom the torturers worked.  But this Daily Kos article makes an interesting point--in the Citizens v United the Supreme Court basically decided that corporations are individuals with respect to freedom of speech however, considering their individual responsibilities for criminal behavior, they are not.  As I have read on some blogs, I will believe corporations are individuals when one is executed for a crime its minions have committed.

John Aravosis at Americablog presents a horror story that shows what a lie the notion that we have the number 1 health care system in the world.  If we did no one would be subjected to this treatment.

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Kay Dennison said...

I hear ya re: health issues. The one that I'm dealing with has a lot more going on than I'm saying and there are others in the queue. That said, I'm trying hard to do what I should. Dental issues are next on my list.

And yeah, we don't always get all the news we need to know which is why I get so many newsletters and read so many newspapers. (And I wonder why I can't keep up with everything)

I suspect/hope/pray that Mitt will be dogged by his "corporations are people" assertion for all eternity and I'm thinking of posting it in the sidebar of my blog as reminder until November. (Gotta do my part for sanity!)

I know how blessed I am with my health care. It is unique and I wish that other physicians would embrace its philosophies.