Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Saturday morning, Everyone.  Right now we have sun and temps in the high 30s.  I checked out the plants in the greenhouse and they are fine.  In fact, the little Brandywine seedling that has looked like it was on death's door of the last month has perked up.  It might actually survive and bear fruit.  If we get into the mid 50s I will get some more work done outside.  My marjoram has started to sprout along with my second planting of pyrethrum.

I just love articles that take on the 'conventional wisdom' of mainstream media pundits and show what a sham some of the pronouncements.  This Media Matters article does just that with a CNN article which, once again, insists that we ned to address the growing problem of Social Security and Medicare if we are ever to get a handle on the national fiscal problems.  What is especially delicious abut the take down is that the CNN article provides the evidence against their position in the article itself.  The share of the GDP that will be consumed by Social Security is projected to remain essentially the same through 2085.  The entire growth of the GDP percentages devoted to the programs is attributed to Medicare alone.

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