Monday, April 23, 2012

Good sunny Monday morning to all of you.  We should see temperatures in the high 50s today.  I hope so and I hope the winds die down.  They have made the last few days feel like early March.  Do want to get the last of my digging done this week.  Otherwise, nothing to report on the garden.  All of the outside plants are looking good.  I found a couple more strawberries and two of the tomato plants have blossoms--one has a couple of little tomatoes forming.  That always makes us smile.  I was surprised this morning when I saw a heavy frost on the roofs and Mom told me that the car was well frosted also.  I quickly checked out all of the plants on the patio and in the greenhouse.  They are all fine.

If we needed proof that our weather is really weird this year all we have to do is read this article and follow it with this one.

Watching the converge of Wal-Mart's Mexican bribery scandal.  Two threads are somewhat amusing.  First, has been the number of commentators who seem to think that Wal-Mart should be somewhat excused from allegedly breaking U.S. law because the actions took place in Mexico and everyone knows Mexico has a 'culture of corruption.'  Crap!!  Second, one of the reporters read her story from outside a Wal-Mart store in New York somewhere and noted that people were still shopping.  Evidently, the low prices trumped the scandal.  Double Crap!!

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