Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Thursday morning, Everyone.  It looks like we will start out sunny today but the temps won't go out of the 50sF.  I got some seeds started yesterday including the yard long beens, vine peach, winter squash.  It was too cool to do much else.  I have had a problem with my peppers this year.  They simply haven't thrived and I am not sure why.  The tomatoes on the other hand (except for the big rainbow) have done so well I have to transplant them into another container.  Can't put them outside just yet.  The weather people predict frost for overnight tonight.  I'm not too worried.  The plants outside are either very hardy or are in the mini-greenhouse.  All I will do is take the plants off the fence and put them on the large containers for the night.  And I will fill several of the empty vinegar containers with hot water and put them in the greenhouse.  That should provide enough warmth for that space.

Welcome, Accidental Housewife.  I, also, hope 'pink slime' doesn't get a foothold in Australia.  However, the way our modern food production industry works they will make and sell anything they can convince consumers to buy.  And they assert their right to not tell customers what is in the mess.

As I read this article this morning an interesting thought came to me.  If you were on the board of an international bank searching for a new president which of the following candidates would you choose: a finance minister who was also a former international bank director, a person with experience in international development and the U.N., or an expert on public health and college president?  Now guess which one is the candidate the U.S. has proposed to lead the World Bank.  If you said the college president you are absolutely right.

I hope we aren't headed for this, or this.  Unfortunately, all too many Repthuglican and Teapublican politicians would probably consider these 'collateral damage'--after they finished blaming the victims, of course.

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