Friday, April 13, 2012

Good morning to you all.  We saw frost on the roofs yesterday but none today.  The temperature is starting in the low 40 and will, hopefully, rise into the mid 60s before rain comes in over night.  I hope the predicted wind doesn't come up.  I started the dragon's tongue beans yesterday and some more pyrethrum.  And restarted, yet again, the peppers.  I don't know what has happened this year but my peppers have not done at all well.  And, although I have one of all of my tomatoes, except the Big Rainbow, they haven't down as well as usual.  I haven't been very happy with the potting mix.  It feels a bit coarse with wood chips and twigs.  I used the vermiculite for the peppers this time.  If these don't work I will have to get transplants.  Everything else is doing fairly well.

I didn't see much I wanted to comment on yesterday.  To be honest the major stories have disgusted me for the last several days.  Much ado about damned little.  One blogger (sorry I don't remember which) summed up a couple of the stories very nicely when he wondered why Tim Tebow has the right of free speech but Ozzie Guillen doesn't.  For those fortunate enough not to recognize who Ozzie Guillen is, he was the manager of the Cubs before he moved to the Florida Marlins and recently made some mildly favorable comments about Fidel Castro.  Of course a large segment of the Cuban population went bat shit over it and Guillen apologized.  Then there was the tempest in a tea pot caused by the Damnocratic (female) pundit who noted that Anne Romney's credentials as an economic expert are somewhat thin because she hasn't 'worked a day in her life.'  Of course, the Repthuglicans went bat shit and did their little bit of ideological jujitsu converting it from a comment on economics to a disparagement of the hard work of motherhood.  I don't doubt that Anne Romney worked hard as a mother--it is the hardest job we don't pay for in this society.  But what she did not have to deal with were the economic problems of working two jobs to provide for her children's basic needs because she was a single parent or because her husband was unemployed.  What she didn't have to deal with was the lack of time because she had to work outside the home and still do all the work of motherhood.  That was the point of the original comments.  I am so glad Anne Romney was able to make that 'career' choice but let's not give her credit for being an expert on the economic conditions of lesser mortals--because she isn't.  Nor is her husband.  But then we also have to ask why the Damnocratic pundit doesn't have her right of free speech while all those Repthuglican idiots who criticize Michelle Obama do.  And I haven't heard any Repthuglican taking umbrage with Joe Walsh's disparaging remarks about Tammy Duckworth's military service and service related injuries.  I just turned the news off in disgust as our political news has degenerated into 'Mommy Wars.'  Crap!!!!!!!!

I found this USA Today article which says that the highest percentage of the U.S. is either extremely dry or in some stage of drought in five years--even though recent rains in eastern Texas have relieved their situation to a degree.  Why would I follow such dreary news?  Last year the price for sweet corn doubled from the year before but I wasn't all that surprised--annoyed but not surprised.  Our area was very dry which cut the crop significantly.

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Kay Dennison said...

I'm sort of dismayed at the criticism of Ann Romney. I spent a lot of my life as a stay at home mom. My then husband and I did the math and it was really better that I did. By the time I paid for daycare, clothing for work and other related costs (like eating out when I was too tired to cook, it mostly just jacked us into a higher tax bracket and cost us more.

Don't get me started on Joe Walsh -- who owes his ex megabucks (117k) -- in child support (not alimony) to his ex. The sad part is that the Tea Party is endorsing him.