Friday, September 28, 2012

Good day, everyone, on this last Friday of September.  Hard to believe that this year is almost three-quarters over.  I don't think many will miss 2012 when it is over.  Another cool but clear day here with nothing much planned.  Let's see if there is anything interesting on the 'net.

I posted a link to a story on this Repthuglican consulting firm yesterday.  Evidently the heat in the kitchen has exceeded comfort tolerance for the Republican National Committee and they have 'severed ties' with Sproul's firm.  Where are the expressions of righteous outrage?  We saw that when Acorn was accused of similar actions.  I guess it isn't so outrageous if a Repthuglican engages in fraud.  Of course, Sproul puts it down to a few bad actors but I seem to remember that similar excuses were disdainfully dismissed when Acorn made the same claims.  If there is any justice, Sproul will be out of business just as Acorn is.

This sounds all too familiar and my skeptical antennae are quivering madly.  Didn't we have a housing crash just five years ago driven largely by similar shenanigans?

Matt Miller makes writes a large dose of sense on the mess that filibuster has become.  I agree that it would be a good question for the Presidential debates but perhaps a better one for the Senatorial candidates.

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