Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Saturday to you all and happy Autumnal Equinox.  Gray skies at the moment with possible rain on and off today.  If we see any sun today the shadow of the house should be just touching on the top of the fence.  It won't do that again until the Vernal Equinox in six months.  Didn't do anything yesterday other than read and probably will do the same today.

As you can see I didn't find much to write about yesterday.  And I didn't do anything other than read.  We have sun so far on this Sunday and the overnight temps went down to very low 40s.  They had frost warnings one county to the west of us.  It may be cool today but I really need to get the next harvest of mints drying and transplant the cuttings that have needed a new home for the last week.  As the highs today are forecast to get in the high 50s and no higher--I will definitely need a sweater.  I saw several peppers that are ready.  If we get a freeze I will take any that are left and put them in the freezer.

I shifted from the morning (s)news less than five minutes in.  That must be a record for me.  However, the stories have all been covered  far too much already.  The fire on Ann Romney's plane?  Third day for it.  The idiot who jumped into a tiger enclosure and got mauled?  Second day.  I forget the third and fourth stories on the list but they were either very forgettable repeats or fluff.  I put on music--for now.

Not much to write about today either.  I did get peppermint, orange mint, and sage cut and drying.  I will soon do the transplanting.

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