Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Wednesday, Everyone.  I have had no energy for the last week and so have done just about nothing.  I did get my bay tree reset in its same pot.  It really did need some fresh soil.  I also transplanted the pineapple sage putting one out in the gardens over winter and one inside on my shelf by the patio door.  So far the regular sage and the lavender have not formed roots.  I still have hopes for them but I may have to be content with the originals which are now in their winter places in one of the large containers.  I have yet to transplant the mints (orange, spear, pepper, and lemon balm).  But they all are doing well.  So are the kale and cabbage in spite of the high winds we have had since Monday night.  It was blowing so hard it woke me.  Thankfully, nothing in the gardens were damaged.  Let's see what I get done today.

I noticed that Mitt Romney had another attach of 'foot in mouth' disease.  Which he exacerbated by claiming that his comments were merely 'inelegant.'  Anybody else notice that his comments were only directed at individuals.  How about all of the corporate 'dead beats' who have their hands out for government largess??  They are supposed to be people, too.  What about their 'individual responsibility?'  I have read some very good rebuttals to Romney's comments.  This is one I can particularly relate to.  Her story is much like mine except I have never been rich and, touch wood, have never been run down by an SUV.  And I didn't go shopping just because George II told me to.  I guess I just don't have as much of a patriotic bent.

Now this could get real ugly.  I wondered often over the last few years what might happen if China flexed its muscles in the bond markets.  China isn't just Japan's main creditor--it is also the major creditor for the U.S. and the European Union.  Evidently, the conflict has entered a more active phase in cyberspace as well.

In an interesting move, that has received zero attention in the news media, Russia has kicked the U.S. Agency for International Development out of the country charging that the agency has interfered with Russia's elections.  I don't necessarily trust any pronouncements from Russia (or any other government--including our own) but we do have a long history of interfering in other countries in the name of 'democracy' and 'freedom' but with the aim of creating a 'friendly' government.  'Friendly' here means subservient and compliant--and we have been all to willing to suffer dictators and tyrants so long as they fell in with our purposes.

I seem to remember all kinds of promises about Medicare savings if new information technology (computerized records, etc) were implemented.  Evidently, it is all smoke and mirrors.

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Nicola said...

Hello Mary

I hope that you and your mother are well and have enjoyed summer.

I have not been able to spend any time in the garden and have missed so many of our plants in bloom.

My husband has a huge project on at the moment in the garden, he is planting over 15,000 bulbs - daffodils crocuses and bluebells.

My kindest regards to you both

Nicola xxx