Monday, September 10, 2012

Good day to you all on this (probably sunny--it is still early) cool Monday.  I did get my cabbage and kale plants in the large containers yesterday.  They seem to be settling in well.  I put hot caps over them--more to protect them from possible rain than anything else.  I have some more plants to move and some cuttings to put into permanent pots.  We'll see what I get done.

I didn't see much I wanted to comment on yesterday.  The politics and economics are still what they have been for so long--a total mess.

The pictures with this article stunned me though the statistics didn't.  I told Mom over coffee this morning that I am hoping for a record setting snow pack this year and a cool spring.  Unusual for me--I don't really like snow.  Anyone else noticing how much more frequently the terms 'global warming' or 'climate change' have crept into the lamestream media this year?  Day late and dollar short.

Another good commentary from James Kunstler.  I have thought for some time that our two party system is pretty much obsolete.  Actually, it isn't necessarily the system that is obsolete but rather the parties themselves.  Neither party has any real answers for our problems.  All they are concerned with is perpetuating their power.

We just came back from doing our errands and got a very nasty surprise.  We drove by several gas stations with prices of $3.88-3.89 per gallon.  We decided to stop at the station we normally patronize but were shocked to find the price has just bumped up to $4.10.  We scratched our heads and decided to wait a few days.  I thought the price was supposed to go down.

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Kay Dennison said...

Glad your garden is growing well. This chilly weather this early has got to be disconcerting for them.

I read the Kuntsler piece and liked it a lot. He really is excellent.

I'm just appalled at the price of everything.