Friday, September 14, 2012

Good day to everyone out there.  Looks like a cool but sunny Friday coming up.  We didn't get much of the rain the weather people predicted so I have to water plants today.  I did take the day off yesterday.  But I hope to get a couple of things done later--we'll see.

Well, this had to come.  The producer of the 'finely textured beef' (a.k.a., pink slime) has filed a defamation suit against ABC, Diane Sawyer, and others over their coverage of the 'product.'  I hope this lawsuit goes the way of the one beef producers filed against Oprah Winfrey some years ago.  She won.  My problem was never with the company's right to make and sell it.  I didn't like the fact that they said 'trust us. It's safe.' And then relied on the FDA's approval of their process to make the case.  Point number one--In this matter, I think we should follow Reagan's famous quip: trust but verify.  Show me verifiable evidence.  And don't rely on the FDA whose approval cuts not ice in this quarter.  Furthermore, label the stuff so that consumers can make the choice themselves over whether to consume the product.  If the only way a company (are you listening, Monsanto?) can make and sell a product is to not tell consumers what they are getting, it deserves to go out of business and I don't care how many jobs are at stake.

I found this ahramonline opinion piece that makes a number of points I have been thinking in regard to the 'Innocence of Islam' fracas.  I have been wondering who benefits and to what end since it all began.  The evidence may be circumstantial but people have been convicted of murder on less circumstantial evidence.  This is a long piece and I admit I haven't read all of it.  But I certainly can see where the author comes from.

Just found this on Deutsche Welle.  Evidently the animosity over that stupid little film has bled over to any Western country.

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